“I know that 2 and 2 make four - and should be glad to prove it too if I could - though I must say if by any sort of process I could convert 2 and 2 into five it would give me much greater pleasure.”
George Gordon Byron

Raised by science

I have a B.sc. in Molecular Biology and a master in Digital Design and communication.

The key to my thinking, my moral and my beleifs is based on the power of logic.

raised by science

taught by art

With a background in music production, graphic design, carpentry and copy writing - the Arts is a cornerstone of who i am.

I believe that Art is in every corner of our lives, and is the key to innovation and progress.

taught by art

colored by politics

I carry a political soul.

I believe that we can and should allways strive to make the world a better place.

It is our moral duty as human beings to care.

colored by politics

powered by code

Code is a way of expression. The more I learn - the cleaner and effective the code, the more creative i feel.

The art of code lies somewhere between the logic and causality of science, and the freedom and creativity of the arts.

The internet have changed the world more profoundly than anyone could have imagined 20 years ago, and being able to take part in its development - is taking part in the future.

powered by code

inspired by design

Design is all around. A good design have an effect of an incomprehensible feeling of completeness.

I believe that simplicity is often the key to a powerfull design.

inspired by design

Edge Animate

Mads was born on the 8.th of October 2013. Even though I had been told that he would change everything, I did'nt believe it before he was there. But he did. The first 5 month of his life, he and his parents, suffered from colic. I think thoose months, where the hardest in my life so far.

But here we are. Nearly a year has passed, and it seems that all the troubles are almost forgotten. The no-sleep syndrome is becoming everyday life, and my new role as a father is beginning to take form. And I like it.


I have played and listened to music in my entire adult life, even though the playing part, have been decreased significantly since my son arrived.

I spend a few years working as a DJ around Copenhagen, but eventually i got very tired of it. But i still collect vinyl records, and now of nothing more satisfiyng than unpacking a fresh new vinyl, studying the cover artwork, placing it on my MKII - and listening to it for the first time.


For about a year ago, I had some money to spend. That was something very new to me, since I have spend a great amount of time studying - trying to find my place in the working life. I decided to spend them on a DSLR camera and some lences. It has been a truthfull companion ever since, and I am improving my skills along the way.

Also it ads to the pleasure, to have the right motive right beside you, and document the growth of my son.


My family has a second home in Norway. Since i was a child, most of the summer and winter hollidays have been spend in the mountains, hiking and skiing.

I still enjoy the the quiet in the great outdoors. In 2010 my sister and I bought a small vacation house on Røsnæs - on the west countryside of Denmark. I spend as much time there as possible.


Up until the age of 15, I played semi-proffesional football in Boldklubben Frem.

I am not a frequent visitor at the stadiums, but I enjoy watching and following my favorite teams.


I would'nt call myself i tech-nerd. I am not that into gadgets, new smartphones and such. But i really do enjoy technology in arts. In my masters i worked intesively programming in Max/MSP and Jitter - and hacked kinect cameras and leap-motion, connected home made buttons into an interactive performance at the venue Pumpehuset in Copenhagen.

Also, when it comes to music equipment, synths, weird instruments and such - I find it very hard not to spend money, read blogs and get very excited.

logo design

Logo made for Center For Mentor Udvikling.

Aug. 2014

logo design

Logo made for the Digital Agency Marvelous.

Okt. 2013


Design of the main elements in CPH-airports summercampaign #CPHsommer.

Stickers, posters, Facebook graphics and foliation of interactive screens.

Jun. 2014


Campaign site designed and build for Eplehuset for the BackToSchool campaign.

May 2014

html5 banner

Coca-Cola and WWF teamed up and build a campaign to focus on the melting of the Arctis.

Design and build of the masterbanners for Denmark and Finland.
Sep 2014

flash banner

Stelton branding campaign material for Q3 2014. Design and build of flash banners for the European marked.

Aug 2014

logo design

A logo and label design for the Rum Club label.

Aug 2014


Design and build of Eplehuset #Epleselfie campaign site (iPad).

Jul 2014

flash banner

Microsoft Surface Pro creative material and banner production for the nordic marked.

Feb 2014

flash banner

Creative and production of Pandora campaign in Denmark.

Mar 2014

facebook page

BR wanted a competion app on their facebook page, to go along with a hugely planned campaign 'Empty a toy store'. Design and build.

Apr 2014

facebook page

Design and build of EarthControl competition application to facebook.

Jul 2014


Design and build of Junckers newsletter. Those damn tables :-(

May 2014

facebook page

Copenhagen airport facebook competition Secret Destination. Design and build.

Okt 2013

facebook page

Mentos instagram feed application on facebook. Design and styling.

Feb 2014

facebook page

Ramlösa recipies facebook page. Build.

Mar 2014

logo design

Logo design for the company Padelsport.

May 2014

flash banner

Triumph nordic banner campaign for the Everyday collection.

Jan 2014

label design

Design of AB boldklubs label for the clubs 125 years anniversary.

Okt 2014

concept development /
copy writing

Christmas Campaign for Copenhagen airport. Concept development, storytelling, graphics, copywriting and production

The case have won a several prices for best social media campaign.

Dec 2012/2013

  • RUC
  • ITU
  • B14

The graph above represents a time-spend/week over the years.

From my young days as a student at RUC to my older days finally getting a masters degree at the IT-University of Copenhagen.


Music is a vital part of me. Over the years I have tried to find the possibility and time to do something about it. In 2002, I took a leave from my studies, and where accepted at the Bas-Academy in Copenhagen, and spend a year improving my skills.

As time passed by, i became more and more into producing music. Between 2008 and 2010, some friends of mine and I, started up a small production company in a basement in Rødovre. Eventhough we spend quite some time in the cellar and had a great time, we did not make any money. So in 2010, we sold most of the production gear, and moved our instruments to a smaller (and cheaper) facility in Copenhagen.


When I was younger, I thought that the point of being me, was to safe the planet. I had a passion for biology, and were both fascinated and frightened by the possibilities of gene-technology. I started studying molecular biology in the fall of 1999. In my Bachelors degree, my fellow students and I found something new in relation to HPCC-cancer. We decided to spend a year (2001-2002), to further work on the project, and finally in 2006 our work got published in the magazine Nuclear Acids Research.

As my second subject I studied philosophy, as I was decided to write my Master in Gene-Ethics - but as things turned out, it seemed impossible to do in practise. I decided to take a more grounded approach, and took a year studying Sociology and Environmental and Spacial Change, but as time went by and as i started up my Master degree, i had changed. In 2006 i decided to quit RUC - and to figure out what to do next.


While studying at RUC i found a parttime job working with mentally disabled people. In 2006 when i finally decided to quit my studies at RUC, i were offered a full time job. Since at this time, I were trying to establish a small music production company - it seemed like a good way to supplement my income, and also the working hours (working evenings/weekends/nights) were very applicable to my situation.

Eventhough i quitted that job in 2012, I still visit the people there, and sometimes I take one of the diabled people out on a cafe or to the movies.


In 2010 i became aware of the Masters programme at ITU called 'Digital Design and Communication'. I had been playing around with graphic design and made some small flash websites, and my growing interest in MIDI-controllers, OSC protocols and electronic music production - lead to an application and acceptance into the 2-year programme in the fall of 2011.

I quickly decided to focus on the cources involving code. Over the years, I had become very tired of the acedemic life and language. I did'nt really care what Faucault or Habermas had to say, but wanted to expand my skills in the language of code. I got a teaching assistent job for 4 semesters in Interactive Multimedia, and were constantly improving my skills. In march 2014 i finally got my masters degree building an interacive screen in the venue Pumpehuset. The work was build on a combination of php, MAX/MSP-JITTER and javascript.


In 2012 i got an internship at the digital Bureau Marvelous in Copenhagen - primarily as a graphic designer. At that time Marvelous was a small inhouse department of the Mediabureau IUM, consisting of 8 people. They soon found out that I could code in actionScript, and I became a one-man inhouse flash-banner department. After the internship had ended, I started working 25 hours a week as and intern, and in March 2014 when i finished my masters, i got hired as frontend developer and graphic designer.

In my 2 years at Marvelous I worked with high profile clients both on strategy and production, and shifted between concept-development, graphic design, content-production for social media, banner production (html5 and Flash) and html development.


Been working as a frontend designer @b14 since december 2014. Working with Drupal, Sass and jQuery the allmighty.

“I have talked to Christian Rømer and Maja Gregersen, and they both talked warmly about B14. I would be very eager to be a part of your team, and work hard on building the best applications in town!”
Steen Holten-Andersen


Hej B14.

Jeg er en fyr på 35 år, der brænder for digitale løsninger, godt design og ikke mindst et godt arbejdsmiljø og spændende projekter.

Jeg har gennem de sidste to år arbejdet på det digitale bureau Marvelous, men leder efter et nyt sted at være. Efter at have arbejdet både i praktik og som studentermedhjælper i halvandet år, blev jeg i marts fastansat som frontend udvikler og grafisk designer. Da jeg er forholdsvis ny udvikler, blev aftalen at jeg havde en dag om ugen til at dygtiggøre mig. Desværre har hverken opgaverne eller tiden været til, at det mål er blevet opfyldt.

For lidt over en uge siden stødte jeg på et opslag fra Christian Rømer, som jeg har læst med på ITU, omkring at i manglede en frontenddesigner. Det satte en hel række tanker igang. Da jeg ser mig selv som et pligtopfyldende menneske, skulle jeg overveje om jeg svigtede min nuværende arbejdsplads ved at søge andetsteds hen - da jeg jo ved ansættelsen havde sagt ja til et 'udviklingsår'. Efter nærmere overvejelse, blev jeg enig med mig selv om, at jeg ved at søge ind hos jer ikke konfliktede med denne aftale - da den fra Marvelous side allerede var blevet brudt fra start.

Jeg havde dog det problem, at mine opgaver mht. frontend udvikling over det sidste halve år, har været ret begrænsede. Jeg besluttede derfor at lave dette site, og har brugt nogle gode nattetimer den sidste uges tid på at sætte denne ansøgning op.

Selvom jeg ikke har haft tid til at mobiloptimere, og renskrive koden - håber jeg den giver et indblik i hvad jeg kan.

hvorfor mig

Jeg er yderst ansvarsbevidst, loyal og arbejdsom. Jeg stræber hele tiden efter at optimere mit arbejdsflow og de arbejdsopgaver jeg påtager mig. Det vigtigste er dog nok at jeg er ekstremt 'sulten'. Jeg brænder efter at komme videre, og lave inspirerende løsninger - hvor tallene på bundlinjen ikke er den eneste fællesnævner.

Jeg er introvert på den ekstroverte måde, og skulle efter sigende være både troværdig og pålidelig. Jeg tror på at man kommer længst ved åbenhed og ærlighed.

Jeg har en stejl læringskurve, arbejder selvstændigt og er ikke bange for at prøve nye ting. Jeg trives bedst i et socialt arbejdsmiljø, hvor turen til kaffemaskinen gerne må byde på en samtale om løst og fast.

Jeg er ikke velbevandret i Drupal, men har arbejdet i wordpress før, og er som sagt lærenem og hurtig.

Mig og b14

Jeg har et skarpt øje for design, er detaljeorienteret og med mine brede kompetencer indenfor Frontend udvikling og grafisk design, vil jeg kunne bistå i at lave de mest optimale løsninger, set både udfra et kode- og et design perspektiv. Jeg har erfaring med designprocesser, konceptudvikling og frontendudvikling og kan sparre i alle trin af udviklingsprocessen.

Jeg vil være en aktiv social medspiller på arbejdspladsen, og tage del i de ansattes liv.

Qua min nye rolle som far, er jeg ikke så fleksibel som tidligere - men er der spidsbelastninger kan jeg altid arbejde aftener, når min søn er lagt. Er pt vant til en arbejdsuge på godt over de 50 timer, så stressede perioder skræmmer mig ikke.

mine papirer